Happiness = Sandwich?

WARNING: Only one moment of happiness is guaranteed by this solution. Repeat for more.
The solution to a lack of happiness:

1. Gratitude.

The solution to a lack of gratitude:

2. Mindfulness.

The solution to a lack of mindfulness:

3. Deep Breathing.

Or actually anything else that you can enjoy every day, like delicious food. Sometimes you scarf down a delicious sandwich, and you barely taste it at all because you’re busy, busy stressing out and multitasking and stuff. But if you wanted to, you could decide to slow down for a moment as you’re about to bite into your sandwich. You could look at it and see how beautiful your toppings look, hanging out the edges of your warm, soft bread. You could salivate as you open for a big one, and as you crunch through the lettuce, your eyes could roll back and your mind would go “mmm god yes!” Then you could chew three times and lose control of your good manners as you speak with your mouth open: “oh god, mmmrghumrgh, so good, mghagrmph”. (After multiple edits, I’m still undecided as to whether or not that is a good attempt at spelling out the sound of loud chewing.)
You could take the time to do all that. At this point, if you did, you’d be moaning and it would seem like you are getting a little sexual with your sandwich. Maybe you should get a room, like that room in your mind, where you’re having a mental orgasm because your sandwich is so delicious.
In summary, the solution to happiness is only one step: get sexual with your sandwich.
But when you don’t have a delicious sandwich:
3. Deep breathing: relax yourself
2. Mindfulness: appreciate the feeling of a deep, relaxing breath. Really feel your heart calm down. Or of course, get a delicious sandwich and put your phone down. Remember to taste the food, listen to the music, feel the breath. Tell your mind to shut up for a sec. 
1. Gratitude: shouldn’t be that hard at this point to thank the Universe, you probably already proposed to a sandwich.
0. Happiness.

This is what I’m working on at this point in my life. Too often I catch myself not actually listening to music I like, or tasting the food I love, instead they are somehow background noise. After all, if I can’t enjoy and savor delicious food and great music, what can I enjoy?

One thought on “Happiness = Sandwich?

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  1. Slowing down and paying attention can really make a big difference in making a moment more pleasant, people get so used to things that they forget how amazing those experiences are.

    I’m going to go get ‘sexual’ with a tall glass of ice cold water now.

    Liked by 1 person

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