Welcome to my blog, thank you for coming. I wanted to call this blog “Peace by Piece”, but the name was taken. This is going to be an outlet for my hyperactive mind, and I hope that as I share pieces of my mind, I help people achieve peace of their own.

I see a lot of black and white in the world today. I called this blog “Spectrum Perspective” because I hope to open my mind and yours, to see a bigger part of the spectrum. I think we are all guilty of being narrow sighted at times, so focused on one part that we fail to see the whole.

I plan on taking a look back at some of the concepts that changed my life. Many of these concepts came from my journey out of depression. Many of the lessons come from things I have done for a long time like bowling. A concept doesn’t stick with me unless it applies on many different levels, so most of my posts will take one lesson from life and turn it into a lesson about happiness. I don’t have it all figured out, but you are welcome to join me on this journey…

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