The Observer Effect

I was always fascinated with math and science as a child. But one day, one very pivotal day in my twenties, I learned about a kind of science called “quantum mechanics”. Learning about the double-slit experiment and the observer effect simultaneously was the second major step in me overcoming depression.

The observer effect is something very real, and actually confirms a theory I had at a young age. At the quantum level, an observer may affect electrons, but in real life, an observer can affect an entire being. A child behaves differently if they know their parents are watching. An employee behaves differently if his boss is watching. Many toilet paper rolls have been destroyed by pets that were not being watched.

There’s a spectrum though, of how much something or someone can be affected by an observer. The smaller or more fragile it is, the easier it is to affect, like an electron, or a low self-esteem. When you have low self-esteem, and you just wanna fit in, you’ll try all kinds of things to please observers. If your certainty about who you are and where you are going were to increase, it would be harder to affect you. 

The movie from which I learned the observer effect was called “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, and it definitely changed my life. I always seek to find out how concepts apply on more than one level. For the observer effect, it led me to wonder how much I was directly influencing my reality, simply by what I was looking for. If you look for electrons, you find them. If you look for problems, you find them too. If you ride the train of thought that I did, you’ll begin to question your observations and their effects, and your destination is a new perception. Safe travels!

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