My Sight on Eyesight on my Site

I was once reading a magazine article about eyesight, on which they printed a bunch of big black dots all over the two pages, and only one green dot. The article explained that our eyes have a blind spot, and that our brain fills it in. 

They demonstrated this by having me hold the magazine one foot from my face, and focusing on a specific dot in the middle. From this focus point, my peripheral vision covered beyond the entire magazine, but I could not see the green dot at all, unless I moved my eyes. It was clear that my brain was filling in the blank. My mind was kinda blown.

I sometimes wonder how much someone can influence their eyesight. I had a friend who was prescribed glasses but didn’t want to wear them because he thought people would call him a nerd. In the 90’s, being called a nerd was actually still an insult. My friend said his eyes eventually fixed themselves over time. Surely, once you begin relying on glasses to fix your vision, your brain won’t be fighting to make any adjustments. At least, that’s my non-expert opinion.

I’ve always felt that my ability to decipher words and writing, has helped my vision. Sometimes when I’m trying to read a distant sign and I can only make out a few letters, deciphering the word allows me to give shape to letters that were blurry, helping them come into focus.

We live in a world that pushes us to solve from the outside. We take medication for pain, we think laws will stop crimes, we think riots will stop hatred. I don’t really see a better solution to most problems than one that works from the inside. If we could breed our children to listen to their bodies and be their own doctors, we could breed physically healthy people. If we could teach people to think about their feelings and be their own psychologists, we would breed mentally healthy people. And if we could simply breed them to love everyone and themselves to a depth that connects us all, we would breed a spiritually healthy human race. Maybe that could stop pain, crime and hatred. I should start a riot about this, that’ll work.

I guess all I’m saying is, let’s look within before we’re left without. Love!

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