Destiny – Is It Real?

Well, mostly no. But kind of yes.

Unless you believe all your decisions have been pre-determined, the freedom of choice alone rules out destiny. At any given moment, you can make a choice that changes the course of your life.

But what if we imagined for a second that destiny was real? Let’s say I reach some magical destiny, slay some monsters and save the world. When I got “there”, I could look back and see that every little circumstance and decision in my life was necessary to bring me to this moment, in this way. The parents I was born to, the friends, teachers, jobs, relationships, decisions, challenges, failures, successes, everything I’ve been through, it all led to this moment.

My conclusion: when you are looking forward, destiny is not real, but when you look back, it is. 

That’s the beauty of life, everything is true, and you get to decide. You choose your destiny every step of the way, and you can choose a new one any time.

Some day, you may look back on today, and realize today was part of your destiny. Even if your life is currently a mess, your future self might look back and see that this mess was necessary to push you to clean yourself up to become that better, future you.

For me, this belief has been a rather healthy choice. Whether my belief is accurate or true doesn’t matter as much as how it serves me. With this point of view, I can see my obstacles as necessary challenges to take me farther along my journey. Had I not been through a long depression, I would not have grown to be the person sharing this with you today. 
Keep moving forward. Love!

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