Appsolute Tools

If you’re trying to check some goals off your list, there’s undoubtedly some tools out there to help you. Here’s some of my favourite apps that help me stay on track with my goals:

“Hay House VB” is a vision board app that allows you to make classic peg-board-like collages of your goals. It’s super simple to use, and the backgrounds I have made with these are by far my favourite, keeping my goals in front of me on the regular.

“Google Keep” is my new organizer. I use it to create my checklists, take notes, and to write my blog. I colour the backgrounds red/yellow/green so I know how complete the idea is. The app stays synced across so I can start an idea on my phone and pull out my computer to pick up where I left off.

“Technique” which is formerly “ubersense” is a great video app, for athletes especially. It has frame-by-frame scrolling, side-by-side or overlayed videos for comparison, and the ability to draw lines to check your trajectories.

“MyFitnessPal” is a dietary tracker with a database so big you can scan a barcode and get all the nutritional info loaded instantly. I used it mainly to track sugar, but whatever your fitness goals, this app has its uses.

“” is a great financial tracker. You can build a budget and it will automatically categorize your debit expenses based on the location you used it. It can also warn you if you’re approaching or going over budget limits.

And lastly, though it is not an app, I use YouTube-to-mp3 converters to turn all my favourite motivational videos into audio on my phone. Some days I prefer to turn off the radio and listen to something that feeds my soul.

Hope you find something useful. Love!

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