Top 3

#1 – Your decisions.

I’ve already said that I believe you choose your own destiny. You have to find your own way, your own recipe, your own craft, and be proud of your own weirdness through it all. All you got is you and your decisions.

#2 – Your execution.

You’ve committed to something, and now it’s time to execute. Maybe you hit your mark, maybe you don’t. All you got here is your best effort, and your best effort to learn from your best efforts.

#3 – Your grit.

This is a common #1 in my motivational audio lately. I really can’t argue, because it stands by my core principals. Throughout the course of your decisions and their executions, you will be faced with a variety of emotional reactions. How you manage these, and the grit you pull out in face of your darkest emotions will determine your glory. Whether you want success, love, happiness, you’re going to face your own beasts.

I would apologize for bringing any fights to your doorstep, but I think that’s what I’m here to do. At least I can say, I’ve come to fight with you.


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